Finding Beauty Tips and Advice

Few months ago I had my hair straightened here in Phnom Penh. It was a bit pricey but I love it! 4 months and counting and my hair is still super straight. It has gotten really long and I had it styled layered. I adore how it was styled and now it so easy for me to manage. The upside also for paying for the 'perma-straight' is that I could tie my hair, have it styled without losing its straightness. The stylist also told me that it will still be wavy though once the new hair grows out and I'd have to straighten it again.

 But, right now its summer time so its really hot and I'm considering getting a shorter do' so I'm browsing around for the latest short hairstyles that would best suit my face and frame. Chinks and Hi-ace suggested I should look for some curly hair ideas so I would really have totally different look since I have always been sporting straight hair since well.. since forever..

I kinda like this short hairstyle..What do you think?

or this romantic curls doesn't seem like a bad idea. In fact, it looks good! The question is, will it suit me?

I don't want to have it styled on a whim because I tried that before and I ended up looking like a disaster zone so right now I'm checking out the trends and some beauty information online. And in case you're wondering, yes I'm vain lol! 


Julong said…
So cute girl...