Just Musing on My Dream Home

We have our own lot and were currently have a single bedroom house here in Phnom Penh. When we built this, my husband and I both knew this was only temporary as we were living abroad that time. We had plans of building a bigger home that could accommodate a family of 5 persons plus 1-2 guestrooms. For now the single-bed house is working for us coz we only have one small child. But were now thinking forward and planning to have a second child so we'll be needing more space.

We'll also be needing a guestroom coz a few relatives and friends will be dropping by to visit next year so were really planning on rebuilding the house.  As of this time were on the budgeting mode and searching for house plans that would best suit our budget, our needs as well as the lot area.

I came across HousePlansandMore.com and I found their collection of home plans pretty impressive. I practically spent the whole day yesterday ohh ahhing on some really fabulous country house plans. I love these sprawling types of country houses as it reminds me of my own home back in the Philippines. We have this big house with four huge bedrooms, a very spacious living room and a kitchen with a lot of room to move about. My parents built that house for a couple of years with bouts of remodeling here and there just to get what they really want. Of course, its an advantage that the lot we had was really big so they can expand as much as they want.

The thing is the lot we have here in Phnom Penh is narrow and long, which seems to be the case for most lots being sold in the city. We wanted to have a lot where we could have at least fifty meters width but those can only be found on the outskirts of the city and we don't want that kind of commuting. So I might as well kiss those country house and house plans ranch dreams goodbye as it is not really possible to build into a very narrow lot area. 

We'll have to settle for a house with at least three floors, of course, with a minimalist, contemporary look..I'm off now to do more searching.. 

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