Changes to This Blog..

I know I dressed up again, but yesterday I had the itch to go browsing for some new themes and found this theme to be fresh, clean, loads fast and easy on the eyes. Ok, I'll admit that I picked it simply because it has purple all over it :)

So, how do you like it? Feedback, comments, critiques are very welcome. I know, for the past year, I had been entirely focused on my other blog - Pinaywifespeaks. Though I still posted here occasionally, it lacked personal tidbits like what I had been posting the first year of this blog. I decided to change that so expect some more personal quips from me aside from the home, home decor, home trends posts.

Aside from the theme, I am also in the process of changing the blog categories. I realized its all getting cluttered and time to get organized. Sometime last year I made the decision to have this blog focused on home and living, but all my previous posts will remain. So, the categories will be more on Home, Home Decor, Home Organizing, Home Trends, Home Furnishings, Garden and Outdoor Living..

I am also seriously contemplating purchasing a domain and using it with this blog. I am apprehensive though if it would affect the site's page ranking.. I still would be using blogger as the blog platform but I'll use the custom domain option. Would that have any changes? Do drop me some thoughts about this for those who have tried this already..

More later..