2010 Blogging Goals

Here it is. Last year, I've been doing some planning as well as extensive research on several niches. These are fields that I'd like to start blogs on, yes some of my picks are popular, potentially good earners but I picked most of them based on my interest. I realized that when I start with a website or a blog, if I don't have any interest in the topic, give or take 3 months I'd be leaving it in the pile which can be a pity since building a blog, marketing it can be tedious too.

So now, I'm sticking to things I love best. My first pick was inspired by this blog - Pinaywife Atbp. Thinking about it, this site showcases my blogging journey. From just writing about anything I could think of, personal random stuff, then this blog started to focus on one of my hobbies. Home decor, home furniture shopping, review, and home trends. So I'll be creating a new blog with its own domain, yahoo! but I'm not yet revealing it =) and the topic would be home styling.

I bought several other domains, one I'll develop for crafts and gift ideas blog. I love crafts!!! and I miss my creative pursuits when I was still in the Philippines like jewelry making. Another would be about women's health and fitness, another girl topics which I'm calling feminine reveries, and the last one about trends - fashion, lifestyle, luxury living, art and design..

I also have other niches in mind and domain ideas but that would be all for now. I'll have my hands full and I'm now checking out web hosting reviews because I want to host this sites on a different IP. I'm also looking at creating HTML sites and offering simple website building and maintenance services once I have all the other projects done. Whew! I know I have lots of things to do this year and I'm all charged up!