Wishing For A Lush Tropical Family Vacation

It's raining like mad in Manila and here in Phnom Penh its raining every now and then too. And since were on the "ber" months already, its getting cold and breezy already. Makes me wish I was in some tropical island and resort like the Negril Jamaica resort, sunbathing, snorkeling, playing beach ball with my family..

I'm a bit fixated with Jamaica, Bahamas and all those little tropical islands. I know I'm from the Philippines where you will be spoiled for choices when it comes to beautiful beaches, resorts and the sun. But at times I want to check out what in the tropics in the other side of the world and book myself and my family an all inclusive vacations in any of those lush resorts.

Another reason I'd loved to go there is that they have great resorts, well-thought of tours and packages for every budget and lots of activities like nature tours (falls, canopy etc), horseback riding, deep sea fishing, dolphin cove visit, parasailing, rafting, biking, undersea tours, museums, and shopping! And those are just some of what you can do, so there's something to do for every member of the family! Definitely a great family vacation destination.

Some areas are popular with crowds like the Doctor's Cave beach in Montego Bay while some others tend to be quiet and relaxing like those near Ocho Rios and Runway Bay. I prefer quieter yet easily accessible places so I'll probably pick a resort in Ocho Rios or book myself a suite in the Ocho Rios hotels.

See I've even done plenty of research on where to go. :D I just wish now that our schedule and finances permit..