Recycling, A great way to Get Organized

Just imagine all the things you don't throw away. It simply piles up in all corners of your house until it could just be overwhelming. G... thumbnail 1 summary
Just imagine all the things you don't throw away. It simply piles up in all corners of your house until it could just be overwhelming. Getting a home organized can be a tough job especially if the clutter is simply enormous.

How much trash do we produce and keep tucked away? Think of those juice bottles, soda cans, wrappers etc. If we throw all this, it'll get buried in landfills or worse it could just be litter everywhere.

A big lot of this trash can be recycled or turned into something we could still reuse. Most materials can be recycled, we just need to be more creative. We definitely need to recycle to conserve our resources. If we save our soda cans and the manufacturers make new soda cans out of old ones, then less materials for new soda cans will be needed.

Recycling also saves energy. Making new stuff out of old ones consumes a lot less energy than making it brand new. In the soda can example, to make the aluminum material, you need to mine metal from the ground, remove its impurities, then refine it into a finished metal.

Recycling also produces less garbage, the more we recycle the lesser landfills and garbage resources we need.

Recycling Paper. This one most home have a lot of. We have piles of newspapers, magazines, boxes. Your old paper piles can be shredded and can be processed into new paper. Imagine how many trees will be saved if we recycle all our trash paper. Each ton of recycled paper saves about 17 trees! And it would also mean a lot less clutter on your desks and your home office organized.

Glass recycling. This can be recycled too, although it would take more effort to do so. Glass is melted and made into new glass. Some junk shops or recycling shops buy glass for recycling or you can recycle your glass trash yourself. Get creative, make it into useful vases, or into useful jars to organize your small items.

Recycling plastic. Some types of plastic can be recycled. Check your junk shops or recycling centers. Some buy recycleable plastics so you can earn from your trash.

Metal recycling. This are highly recycleable and if you have a lot of them you can make some money out of these metal scraps. Metals are costly to make so there are recycled more than other materials. These are collected by recycling shops and sent to recycling plants where the steel is melted and treated with chemicals to purify it. Then it is formed into useable sheets or bars.

Empty beverage cans are usually made of aluminum. They are sent to factories where they are cleaned, melted and rolled into new sheets of aluminum and can be made into cans again.

Recycling should be practiced by all. With all the positive incentives it brings, it shouldn't be too hard to do it. Get your clutter organized, things you don't need segregated. You can even earn some money out of your trash. Recycle it yourself or give it to junk shops so your house would be clutter-free and you get to help mother Earth as well.

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