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We've been waiting for this day for sometime already. Last Monday was the first day our daughter went to school. She'll be school f... thumbnail 1 summary

We've been waiting for this day for sometime already. Last Monday was the first day our daughter went to school. She'll be school from 8 am till 4 pm. I've been anticipating having more free time to work on my web projects and make a go at my job hunting plans. You must think it's selfish of me but I've been a stay at home mom for the past five years and I have no regrets with the choice I made.

Kids start to get independent the moment they learn to walk and now she's doing things on her own and slowly learning new things. She's meeting new friends and of course she doesn't need me to be at her beck and call.I proud yet oddly nervous about letting her go. Perhaps this is what you would call "separation anxiety" and lol! she doesn't seem to be suffering from it only me :(.

We've been moving back and forth the Philippines and Phnom Penh and when she turned three we wanted to enroll her in a school in the Philippines but that time, she didn't want to. So we didn't force her coz I don't want her to be traumatized and I want school to be a fun and comforting environment for her, so I ended up teaching her basic pre-school lessons at school and it was a great bonding time for us.

As soon as we came to Phnom Penh last October we have been scouting out possible schools for her. We wanted her to adjust first to the culture here as well as learn some basic language. From the onset we have decided to send her to an international school with a montessori curriculum and has english as medium of instruction (chinks cannot speak khmer language..). We found a school very close to our house but alas! we did not know that the waiting list for these schools are quite long.

A friend of my husbands told us about CAMPHIL International School, a montessori type international school run by Filipino educators and mostly with Filipino teachers. It was a good thing to know that the school is near our house, on the same way to hubby's workplace (so we can save on bus fees haha!), with limited number of students, has a recognized montessori curriculum, homey atmosphere, safe location, and of course, fees were within our budget.

If you have plans of staying here in Phnom Penh and having your kids educated in international schools here, be prepared coz it can be pricey. When I say "international schools" I mean schools with internationally recognized curriculum, with mostly foreign teachers, with English as medium, student population consist of mixed nationalities. There are a lot of schools here labeling themselves "international schools" so do some research first. Tuition expenses, plus miscellaneous, meals, deposits/registration/capital and other fees usually range from $2000 up per year. I find it more expensive than schools in the Philippines but we really don't want to settle for fly-by-night schools, after all education is the most valuable gift we could give our child.

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