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A new online friend, Bingkee , tagged me with "8 Random Things About Me". Do visit her site. She's worth reading over and ove... thumbnail 1 summary

A new online friend, Bingkee, tagged me with "8 Random Things About Me". Do visit her site. She's worth reading over and over again. In case you're wondering, the beautiful lady on the left is me.. I mean my avatar.. Haha..

I've actually done a tag similar to this a few months ago but I don't mind writing up another round of 8 things about me..

  • I am a lucky bargain hunter. My friends would always "coerce" me to go shopping with them coz I always discover the best finds. I think my intuition and fashion sense are at optimum levels when I am in Divisoria or in Ukay-Ukay shops. It takes my friends a long time sorting out to find nice items but it takes me minutes just to unearthen a great bargain.
  • I like naming things and people. My notebook is "Pindot" - (me thinks, its not very original), my mobile phone is "Azul", my digi-cam is called "Slate, my coffee cup "Orange Spills". I name my bags, jeans, accessories and I'm planning to name my shoes. I call hubby "Hi-ace", my daughter "Chinita" or "Pikachu",
  • I collect underwear. I buy stuff almost everyweek, I literally have hundreds of undies I haven't used, most of them still in their original packages. For some reason I feel happy to think that if I need to have a new one, I could have it readily. Hubby says it's possible my mom's obsession with collecting undies, bedsheets, towels, pillowcases etc is rubbing off me.
  • I love to travel and see places and I'm more of the backpacker type. Whenever I go to a new place I like taking walks on their markets, watch the locals do their thing. Yes its great to hang out in posh places but you rarely see the heart of a country or place in there. Walking on the streets, eating in places they patronize, visiting their markets really gives me a glimpse to their way of life, their culture and traditions. I like visiting places with really exotic cultures. I still have a long list of places to go, among them Africa, some parts of Europe, Nepal, Laos, India, Iran..
  • Hubby says I'm exhibiting signs of obsessive compulsive behaviour. Me thinks he could be right :) Whenever I decide on something, like learning HTML or learning Joomla on my own so I could revamp the looks and funtionalities of my sites, I won't stop until I get it. I'm thinking its not so good to have too much focus like that coz I ended up not sleeping well. Even when I'm doing something else I end up thinking of ways and means to do what I need to do.
  • I don't like eating sweets. I could eat dessert occassionaly but to eat it in great amounts just makes me want to turn green. Most of my family likes sweets so its not rare that the fridge has cakes, ice cream but it just kills my appetite to eat them.
  • I'm a vain person but for all my vanity I don't know how to put on make-up I mean complete make-up. I know how to mix and match colors but I'm useless at applying it. I know only how to apply thin shades of lipstick, eye shadow. If there is a need to apply foundation, mascara, and blush I run to my cousin otherwise I feel like I would end up looking like a clown.
  • I'm trying my hand at photography. I find it so interesting and aside from my computer, my camera is my other best buddy. It's one of the reasons why I'm working "a lot" hehe. I wanna get myself a Nikon D40 for starters.
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Bingkee said...

I'm like you. I'm too focused to finish something. i couldn't stop what I started. Like this blogging, I know I still have a lot to learn; it has caused me back pains and sleeplessness.
Oh how I wish you're just near and I could go to your place and teach you how to put make-up on--all the tips and techniques that I know.
Hey thanks for the compliment. I sure do enjoy visiting your site. That's why I tagged you to know you a little bit more. Have a blessed weekend Lis!

chinita said...

wish somebody could really teach me how to put on make-up..

pareho pala tayo when it comes to focus. i've been blogging for almost 10 months and since then I constantly have eye bags and back pains.. But its ok for me hehe enjoy naman..

thanks for the tag.

ellen said...

Thanks for the tag...have a nice week ahead!
feel free to vist my other blog ...http://smartglobalexpress.net

james said...

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