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I am so addicted to spa's. When I'm stressed out or simply need to relax I usually head over to my favorite spa to have some treatm... thumbnail 1 summary
Aromatherapy Spa
I am so addicted to spa's. When I'm stressed out or simply need to relax I usually head over to my favorite spa to have some treatments. There are also times when I am on an adventurous mood, I try out other spa's just to compare services.

There are several things that stops other people from getting started with spa treatments. One thing, it can be pricey. But there are already spa's who offer services at lower costs and their services are still great. One spa I tried with reasonable prices and really accessible to most locations (they are located mostly in malls) is Nature's Way Aromatherapy Spa. Prices are not sky high and their foot spa's are great. Body Tune Thai Massage (also located in malls) also offer great massages and body treatments at affordable prices. If prices are your concern, do some spa canvassing first and see which one would best suit your budget.

Another concern that stops other people from booking that spa appointment is that they don't know exactly what they will get when they have spa treatments. Here's the most common spa treatments you can avail of.
  • Massage. I keep asking my cousin to go with me to the spa and have a massage but she keeps declining and I asked her the reason why - she's scared of undressing. Massage treatments of course would require you to undress but you are free to keep your undergarments and most also provide shorts for you to wear. If your concern is whether you will have a male or female masseuse, then don't worry you can request whichever you prefer. The usual massage treatment would be for an hour or more for a head to toe massage. A lot of spa services also offers sauna bath before the massage. Enjoy it! Its a really relaxing experience and massage have lot of other benefits for you.
  • Volcanic Stone Treatments. If you have really sore muscles, back pains etc, you'll feel great after this treatment. Volcanic stones are heated with water and covered with essential oils and place over specific parts of the body. I love having this treatment for my legs since it releases a lot of tension and fatigue.
  • Facials. Spa's usually have an extensive "menu" for facials. Have your skin examined first and choose which one is best suited for your skin type. The treatment will usually consist of cleansing, exfoliation, mask, moisturizing, massage and some would also include removing your blackheads and whiteheads.
  • Body Scrub. Want to have glowing skin, then try having a body scrub so your dead skin cells will be exfoliated and it would also improve your blood circulation. Body scrubs usually use a lot of ingredients but the most common is sugar and salt. Your body will be scrubbed with exfoliating ingredients while you are lying down and you will be covered with a towel. Then you will be rinsed and they will apply a moisturizer on you.
  • Body Wrap. If you don't mind being wrapped for sometime, then try having a body wrap treatment. It starts with a light exfoliation, then a body mask will be applied by massaging it into your skin, then you will be wrapped tightly so you would sweat out your skin's impurities. Body wraps are given to detoxify your skin. After around 20 minutes of being wrapped you will then be rinsed, then moisturizers will be applied.
These are the most common treatments in spa's. Take your pick, indulge yourself. These would also make perfect gifts for your mom, your wife, or you can make it a bonding session with friends too.


Bingkee said...

I love spas. Only in the Philippines I can indulge in spas. Here, it's expensive. But the good thing is, there are so many spa kits that you could do it at your own home.

chinita said...

hi bingkee, i've been trying to experiment with home spa's and ive been digging up basic recipes for my own bath salts..big savings din :)

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