What I Really Need is a Resort Vacation..

Yep, I'm bugging my husband to treat me to some fab all inclusive resorts . I just might be able to convince him(lol! imagine me crossi... thumbnail 1 summary
Yep, I'm bugging my husband to treat me to some fab all inclusive resorts. I just might be able to convince him(lol! imagine me crossing my fingers). You see, for the past three months, hubby has been laboring "furiously" on his dissertation and I, of course, had been so "patient" :) with his perpetual grouchiness, blank stares and mumbled replies to my conversation. Not only that, I've been cooking him healthy meals to keep up his strength, edited some chapters of his work and helped him print out countless revisions. Now that he is all finished and just waiting for his defense, hehe I'm back to bugging him with a vengeance.

Now that he's a bit more relaxed and has some time to spare he's quite easy to convice to go on a short vacation. I grew up near a beach in Albay and I miss my hometown a lot. When he asked me what is my idea of a dream vacation, of course, I'd want to go some resort, a beach.. somewhere where there is nature, water, secluded (I just don't like too many people around when I'm supposed to be relaxing!) and affordable. All-inclusive resorts are just great in saving a big chunk of your vacation costs since you won't be paying separately for other amenities.

Resorts like those in
Negril, Jamaica are my ideal destinations. Jamaica is known for its abundance of beautiful mountain scenery, long stretches of white sand beaches. And the best part? I just love reggae. The rhythm of reggae just seems to alive yet at the same time soothing for me.

I've been digging up a lot of websites and I was just wowed Jamaica has many resorts and among those getting really popular now are those offering adult vacations. Definitely not for faint-hearted but these clothing-optional resorts are just right for those with open minds and the adventure spirit. Well, I have yet to reach that level of open-mindedness and adventurism but for those who already have, it'll definitely be interesting.

When will I get to have that vacation? I dunno but I really wish it will be soon..<3


Bingkee said...

I second the motion...I really need it too. My choice is Maui, Hawaii.
Thanks so much for all your support, friend.

chinita said...

hi bingkee, thanks for hopping by.. no prob, i just happen to love your articles, so its a good thing you discovered blogging.

:) i hope we could get our dream vacations soon di ba, i really feel like rewarding myself.

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