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Today is my father's 78th birthday. I was talking to my mom early this morning and I asked her how are they going to celebrate Pa's ... thumbnail 1 summary
Today is my father's 78th birthday. I was talking to my mom early this morning and I asked her how are they going to celebrate Pa's birthday. She said, among other things, of course they are cooking pancit guisado..

Pancit guisado, canton, bihon, lomi, palabok and other pancit variants are so common to the Filipino dining table and even if its really Chinese in origin, we Pinoy's managed to make it taste so deliciously Filipino. A typical Filipino would always want a variant of pancit on important days like birthdays, and as for me and my husband, we consider it our comfort food!

Wikipedia says the word pancit is derived from the Hokkien word pian i sit, which literally means something conveniently cooked fast. Well, I think part of it appeal aside from its yummy taste is its easy and fast preparation.

I've been doing some research and was really amazed that Pancit has actually a lot of variations. Most common is pancit bihon and pancit canton.

Pancit bihon is made of very thin rice noodles fried with soy sauce and some citrus (Filipinos usually use kalamansi) and possibly with patis or fish sauce, and some variation of sliced meat and chopped vegetables. The exact bihon composition depends on someone's recipe but usually, Chinese sausage and cabbage are the most basic ingredients in a pancit bihon. Here's a recipe of basic pancit bihon.

Pancit canton is also cooked like pancit bihon the difference is the noodles used. Pancit canton noodles are thicker, round in shape, yellowish in color and no worries , the ones in the market are usually labeled. Want to try your hand cooking it, check out this very visual recipe of pancit canton.

Another Pinoy favorite is pancit sotanghon variant, not really a daily fare but served usually on special occassions. Vermicelli noodle soup with a chicken broth base. It may include some kind of meat and vegetable. A typical sotanghon is made with kalamansi or lemon, sliced straw mushrooms, slivered dark-meat chicken and green onion. Some also uses annatto seeds to lend more color to the soup. Some like it dried out, some prefer it with some soup. Here's the recipe.

Pancit Palabok and Pancit Luglug are essentially the same dish, the difference being primarily in the noodles used in the recipe. Luglug uses a thicker noodle than the traditional bihon of palabok. Both types use a round rice noodle (often specifically labelled for pancit luglug or palabok) smothered with a thick, golden shrimp sauce or other flavored sauce, and topped with: shrimp, chicharon, hard boiled eggs, tinapa flakes, minced green onions.

It's obvious we love pancit. After all, I heard old people saying, it's food for long life..


Bingkee said...

Hi kabayan,
I added u up in BlogCatalog.
While reading this post, I have pancit bijon for lunch. My husband made it---my American husband. I taught him how to make the foods we Filipinos love to eat.

Ivory Tasks said...

dropping by here to give you award. please visit here:

thanks again for the link exchange!

chinita said...

hi bingkee, thanks for the add. :) pancit is definitely so Pinoy di ba and wow I'm impressed your hubby knows how to cook it.

Anonymous said...

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taur said...

that certainly looks yummy! i never get tired of eating pancit.. my 3year old son just asked for pancit canton yesterday.

belated happy birthday to your dad! God bless him.

ArnieTed Padova said...

hi there.i miss eating pancit,it looks so yummy. im arnie

Gbex and Ellen said...

hi pinay are right, pancit palabok at luglug are the same, nalaman ko lang yun later...kase nga lug lug ang tawag sa favoro\ito ko na pancit sa hometown ko..

chinita said...

taur, your kids likes pancit canton? just like my daughter she loves noodles specially pancit bihon.. hehe its really an all around comfort food not just for adults but for kids too..

chinita said...

arnie, i guess you could try cooking it there. when you're out of the country talaga you really miss Pinoy food.

chinita said...

gbex, pancit luglug is really yummy.. kakaingit ka naman its your hometown specialty you dont have to go far just to have a taste of it :)

leah said...

wow ang sarap talaga ng pancit. yan ang niluluto ng sister ko pagmay birth day sa family namin.

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