Ms. Wacky Fashionista and Ms.Prim & Proper

Yesterday was Ms. Prim and Proper's birthday and I just wished I could see her. She's one of my best friends and we've been clos... thumbnail 1 summary
Yesterday was Ms. Prim and Proper's birthday and I just wished I could see her. She's one of my best friends and we've been close since we were in first year college. This made me reminisce a lot and at times you'd wish those days would be back. But hehe that would be difficult to do, all of us are now busy with our own lives, marriages, jobs, kids and so on..

I've had a lot of friends come and at times, go but these two are the one's I could easily describe as my friends through thick and thin. All three of us have really differing personalities yet I am still amazed at how easily we have bonded. I've wanted to write a post above them for so long now but I value their privacy as well as mine. So I thought of making avatars that resembles them so I wouldn't need to post photos :).

This one's Ms. Prim & Proper. I'm sure you could guess why I gave her that nickname. I met her, on the first day of class, first year college. She's tall, with "morena" skin, fabulous features, in short, she's gorgeous. When we were in college she was like a guy magnet (meaning most of our crushes had a big crush on her :P). But that doesn't end there, she's got the brains to boot..

She's conservative, when it comes to her clothing style and would only wear pastel colored shirts with straight cut jeans. No low waist jeans, no sleeveless shirts here. We'd also call her our group "conscience". Every time we'd plan to do something outrageous she be the one to put her foot down. She studies a lot, she had really neat and organized notes for each class and that both me and Ms. Wacky Fashionista were very lucky to have that to copy from. I hated taking notes and the photo copier machine was my best friend in college.

Whenever we have problems I'd run to her for advices. She's very sensible and matured. Wouldn't even bat an eyelash whenever we tell her we did something an idiot wouldn't even think of attempting. For me she's a gem, a friend I'd treasure and I am lucky I experienced college life with her.

Ms. Wacky Fashionista. She's one of the wackiest person I know. Everytime I'm with her I'm always cracking up. She has this amazing command of language and could turn any scene, thing into something to laugh at.

She's an avid fashionista. She'd never wear anything lame or something that would fade into the background. My brother used to describe her as the "walking traffic light". She loves color and would never be caught without her bling blings and accessories. When she got married, her wedding color motif was fuschia pink and brillliant orange, so now you get what I mean hmm..

I met her in grade school and we've been friends ever since. We went separate ways during high school but the friendship didn't end there and I met her again in college. In school, she's the only one who had the guts to tease and bully our professors. She even initiated a betting game on whether or not our BA 201 Professor was really wearing wigs or not. And not just that, while she was calling on the bets, she'd didn't realize our professor was actually standing behind her. Lol!

Her normal self can be considered outrageous for others. I lost count of the times she'd tilt her chair during typing class and she'd fall,with the chair on top of her and all. Whenever that happens, she'd stay seated on the floor and wait till mid-class to get up so nobody would notice she'd fallen over again. I've actually lost count of the pranks she pulled.

For all her wackiness and jolliness, Wacky Fashionista is extremely loyal and would never leave friend in a lurch. I appreciate her honesty a lot. She'd never be the one to beat around the bush and would tell you directly if there is something wrong and she can be fiercely protective of her friends.

Both of them are now happily married but Ms. Prim & Proper live in Albay and Ms. Wacky Fashionista is out of the country so we have to content ourselves with the occasional phone calls and constant YM sessions. I miss those days when we could hang out in a moment's notice but I could only look forward and be thankful for the friends I had been blessed with.

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