Canadian Woman Shaves Head for Cancer, Fired from Work

A Canadian woman lost her job as a waitress at Nathaniel’s restaurant because she shaved her head to help raise $2,700 for a local cancer re... thumbnail 1 summary
A Canadian woman lost her job as a waitress at Nathaniel’s restaurant because she shaved her head to help raise $2,700 for a local cancer research fundraiser! I didn't know this is still possible in this day and age. What a short-sighted and narrow-minded management!

Stacey Fearnal’s charity shave was a show of support for a friend battling cancer and in memory of her father who lost his life to cancer.
“I felt like this was a pretty easy thing for me to do to raise money to help people. I think it’s for a good cause,” Fearnal went on, “It’s not hurting anybody and it doesn’t affect my ability to work.”
When she came back to work practically bald, the management sent her home and told her not to come back.
Rowena Pinto, spokeswoman for the Canadian Cancer Society, said, “We want to underline that it’s supporters like Stacey that enable us to carry out our mission.”
She adding this is the first such incident her organization has ever heard of in relation to any of its fund-raising events.
I guess there are still people who still need some education on fair treatment of employees.. My father is continuously fighting cancer and I was really mad and piqued at this news and this post is in support of Stacey and for supporters of worthy causes like hers.


little light said...

hey, that's unfair. her shaved head does not affect her ability to work, unless she is a shampoo model.

CyberCelt said...

Thank goodness she does not have cancer. Then she would be sick, bald and out of a job. What a cretin her boss must be.

Thanks for displaying your ad on my blog.

Jesse said...

Holy crap, that makes me super angry!

I lost my father to cancer and my mom has lymphoma. I've already started raising money to do something similar. I will shave my head the day my mom starts her treatment and she needs to be bald. My youngest brother is doing the same.

She might want to talk to a lawyer about this. This is discrimination. They cannot hire/fire you based on how you look and this is clearly the reason why she lost her job.

Do you know if she has a blog or the site where I can donate even more money to her cause to at least make what she did even more worthwhile (not only losing her hair, but her job to cure cancer!)

Please comment back on my blog or email me if you have more information.

jstark AT gmail DOT com

chinita said...

hi jesse, left you a comment on your blog..

thank you little light, cybercelt and jesse for leaving me a comment.

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